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SPEND til THE END contains many gems of wisdom that will save you money or make you money and significantly improve your lifestyle.  Some of these make a LARGE improvement in your lifestyle.

Here are overviews of a few of the many gems.

Double Dip on Social Security

Collect on both your own benefit and your spouse's benefit.  More details about it in SPEND til THE END.

Upgrade Social Security Benefits

There is a legal way to upgrade your Social Security benefits.  This will allow you to receive benefits at 62 and them upgrade them to the full retirement age of 70 years old.

Spend Your IRA First

Spend your IRA first is totally contrary to conventional wisdom which says to spend your IRA last in your retirement.  The authors give very good and compelling reasons for spending your IRA first.

Conventional Wisdom versus Sound Economic Advice

The authors developed a table where they compare what is considered conventional wisdom with good economic advice.  This shows that many of the practices that are considered conventional wisdom are wrong.

Here are a few of the current conventional wisdoms that the book questions:

  • You can never save too much.
  • Target to replace 75 percent to 85 percent of preretirement income.
  • Spend four percent of your initial retirement assets each year of retirement.
  • Take Social Security as early as possible.

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