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SPEND til THE END Reviews

Here are some SPEND til THE END Reviews for your reading.

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The Washington Post - Nancy Lloyd

This book's greatest contribution may be the inclusion of often overlooked topics, such as the timing of payouts and deductions. The authors analyze when, how and in what order to start taking payouts from various retirement savings plans, as well as when and whether to choose your own or spousal Social Security benefits. Making the wrong choice could significantly increase your tax bill and reduce the tax benefits of charitable contributions and other deductions now and for years—or decades—to come.

Publishers Weekly

Kotlikoff and Burns (coauthors of The Coming Generational Storm) turn conventional retirement planning wisdom on its head in a feisty financial guide that questions the financial benefits of college and argues delaying filing for Social Security benefits. Unfortunately, many provocative insights are buried beneath fairly recondite economic analysis. Math-phobic readers may be unable-or unwilling-to follow along as the authors couch their methods to maximize spending power in a number-heavy narrative with awkward case studies that fail to properly personalize the financial challenges new retirees may face. According to the authors, truly sophisticated planning is best left up to computer programs (such as the one Kotlikoff himself has developed and offers online at ESPlanner.com). Readers in search of a user-friendly primer might be put off, but there are nuggets of useful information to be mined-the authors efficiently address Roth IRAs and provide an eye-opening exposé of the duplicity rampant in the personal finance industry. Intrepid readers able to navigate through the numbers will be rewarded-if they keep from drowning in the evidence. (June)

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Philip DeMuth, Ph.D., managing director, Conservative Wealth Management LLC

"Spend 'Til the End uses the revolutionary science of economic life-cycle planning to provide concrete and often surprising answers to the basic financial questions confronting every American. Imagine that: a book that will actually improve your standard of living."

William J. Bernstein,Êcofounder, Efficient Frontier Advisors, and author of The Four Pillars of Investing and A Splendid Exchange

"Even if you're one of those rare individuals who thinks that you've saved and planned well for your retirement, Spend 'Til the End has news for you. And if you're part of the vast majority who haven't, it may very well save your sorry, retired future."

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Read the Most Current Reader Reviews on Amazon

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